Friday, February 17, 2012

Stuck in My Head

I've had this stuck in my head for about a day now. Perhaps if I post it it will go away. Every Saturday monrning when I was watching my cartoons I'd see these before the commercial breaks. The one of all the singers leaning forward and switching hairdos was always my favorite. I will not sing "after these messages we'll be right back" in my head anymore! I won't. I'll watch it a few times and get it out of my system. We'll see tomorrow if it worked

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cougar Town is Back!!!!

Tonight it's finally back on the air. After being off of the schedule for most of the season Cougar Town is here again tonight. They cast and creators have gone across the country getting the word out on the show. Open bar parties and events and yours truly was invited the other day. I spent Sunday afternoon with a good friend chatting and drinking wine with the cast and having a good time. They screened the episode airing tonight and another from the season. I brought the big old wine glass my friend and I drink out of every week when we watch the show and the cast was gracious enough to sign it. Of course now I can never drink out of it again. Small price to pay. here I come, I need to be prepared for next week!

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I'm obsessed with the opening title sequence for Up All Night. I just watched last weeks Valentine's episode and rewound the opening so I could hear/see them again. Remember when I was so annoyed with the opening sequence for that awful show Covert Affairs? The people over there should take a look at this and find some inspiration. For reals. The video above is the full length, they've since shortened it by about 10 seconds and it's still awesome. I probably wouldn't hate on Covert Affairs so much if I didn't think it started out so poorly every week. It doesn't mean I don't watch it (I do) it just means I have something to complain about once a week when the show is on the air.

Another show that has a great opener is White Collar. They changed it at the beginning of season 3 but after a few episodes changed it back. They were right to do so. It's fantastic. Perhaps it's because it's chock full of dreamy Matt Bomer. Goodness I could lose myself in his eyes and his hair. It is way too easy to get me to watch a show isn't it. I've tried raising my standards but it never works. A dreamy leading man will just about do it for me. Confession: The initial reason I watched The Wire when it came on all those years ago was because I had a crush on Dominic West. There, I said it. I have never actually admitted that to anyone. Granted I went on to love the show and everyone on it, it's just my first intentions were to watch a hot guy. I am so shallow. But I do get points for watching it from the very beginning. Not that that is going to matter much anymore since I outed myself just now. Oh well.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lewis is Dead to Me

I got distracted with emails and didn't start watching Revenge right away like I should have. I finally sat down at 11 to watch it and after checking every 10 minutes or so to see if it was still taping (which it was) it's no longer in my queue. W.T.F. Lewis is going back to Time Warner Cable on Monday afternoon. I will watch whatever has to be watched this weekend and then it's quitting time for him. This is absolutely unbelievable to me. How could he do this? We've been with each other for over a year and a half. I guess sometimes you just have to say goodbye.

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My DVR hates me. It has decided that the last 3 episodes of Person of Interest were not worth taping, even though it's the 3rd show on my list of programs to tape. That means only two others (Smash and Allen Gregory) are given higher priority. It's a weird setup I have going over here. Yes, Allen Gregory has been cancelled I just can't be bothered to delete it from the list. Not only has it not taped Person of Interest it decided lsat night that I wasn't fit to watch The River. It didn't tape the first 29 minutes and when I noticed it's error I programmed it to tape the rest of the show and only got the next 10 minutes. Around 10:20 I checked again only to find that it stopped taping at 9:39 and I tried to tape it again but it only lasted from 10:22-10:23. I should name my DVR so I can yell at it when it does this. How does Francis sound. No, maybe Lewis. I'm sticking with Lewis. If you ever see me mention Lewis again you'll know why. Lewis also felt that he (Lewis is a boy's name after all) didn't like Suburgatory and only taped the last 6 minutes of it and He stopped taping Modern Family 18 minutes in. I didn't catch that until 22 minutes in so I will have missed a joke or three depending on when the commercial break hit. Lewis is in trouble. He played me like this over a year ago with Glee. Funny, I wouldn't be quite as upset now about that. I'd turn him in and get a different one but I have 3 back episodes of Fringe to watch, the last 2 episodes of Luther and The English Patient among others. Oh but there's more. Lewis doesn't like Ringer either. He only taped the first 30 minutes of it last night. I sure hope he doesn't have a thing against Revenge. So far so good, I may have to just start watching it now so if he feels vindictive in the next 40 minutes I'll be safe.

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Favorite Shows

I was speaking with one of my friends the other day and she was in the middle of watching something on TV. She said it was one of her favorites. I asked her what could you possible be watching right now in Sudan. The Vampire Diaries. She was watching last weeks episode just 4 days after I did. I thought TV took a little while to get overseas. More than a week at least. Not for her. Then she said something that made me even happier. She was waiting for Tuesday when she could watch The Good Wife. I die for that show. It is so well written and has such a great cast. I can't think of anything that I don't like about it. And now my friend is obsessed with it just as I am. I'll have to talk to her sometime this week and see what she thought of the last episode. In the meantime, enjoy the new cover(s) of Entertainment Weekly.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Super Bowl

Up front, I didn't watch it. I watched the first 15 minutes to see Kelly Clarkson sing the National Anthem. Then I watched Madonna dance around. I'd say she was singing but we all know she lip-synced. I don't blame her though, running back and forth and doing all that she did I wouldn't expect her to sing live. Besides, there would be a much bigger bitchfest online today if she had. Instead we're bombarded with the non story of M.I.A. flipping her middle finger. I watched the preformance and I didn't see it. It's still taped (I've got to watch the commercials after all) so I suppose I will be going back to see it. It's a middle finger, what's the big deal. The Parents Television Council is up in arms about it but for goodness sake, how about we take on all the commercials objectifying women first before we go after a finger that barely even anyone saw. That's all the preaching I have to do for today. I'll go watch some TV now.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I love this character so much.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hi folks. Just a quick note to point out that a few shows will be coming back again next year. Showtime has renewed its entire Sunday night lineup of Shameless, House of Lies and Californication. I watched the first two seasons of Californication and I do like it, it's funny and David Duchovny makes me smile always. I've seen the first six episodes of the first season of Shameless but it was on demand so I never taped it and I never got around (as usual) to finishing it. Maybe I will someday. It has to get in line behind Justified and of course, Downton Abbey. As for House of Lies. I have seen the first two episodes and I did laugh mightily during both. I will catch up with it this weekend and not get behind. Right???


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The Bachelor

I'm going to finish the last hour of the Bachelor tonight. I started Monday but gave up halfway through. That seems to be a new trend. I can't help myself. It's only gotten more pathetic as each season passes, the women seem less bright than they did years ago.

There is a positive note about this season though. Bachelor Ben (he needs a haircut) doesn't call the women girls. He calls them women. This has always been a huge thorn in my side every time I watch. I cringe and want to stab the bachelor in the mouth. While some of them do act like girls they are in fact women. Girls are under 18 and still live at home. Women are adults that have jobs and lives and can legally vote and drink. This is probably my only positive note about this season. There's nothing else that's out of the ordinary.

The women are still talking behind each other's backs and crying left and right. I don't understand the crying. They always have to cry. As though this "connection" they've made is something to lose their shit over. Some of them barely spend any time with him and go home crying when they get cut. I wonder if they're really there to find love. Haha. Right, I know what I just wrote. I'm no fool (usually). They're all there to make it to Bachelor Pad right. That and to be a footnote in an issue of In Touch Weekly. Hey, Vienna from however many seasons ago is now a cut away joke on The Soup. That clip of her eye that's just not right will never cease to crack me up.

Wait, I haven't even started the last hour yet! I guess I'll watch it now and bitch about it later. Until then.

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RIP Don Cornelius

Found out this morning at work that Don Cornelius passed away. Every Saturday my sister and I would watch Soul Train. It was the only thing we could agree on. I wanted cartoons and she wanted Little House on the Prairie. Soul Train connected us. In my hazy memory I remember dancing on the living room floor with her. I would screech "soooouuuulllll traaaaiiin." I can't sing so screeching is the best description. I only have fond memories of the man who brought music into my house every week. He will be missed.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kristen Bell is Awesome!!!

I really should have posted this sooner. It's all over the internet already but maybe a few of you haven't seen it yet. Here's a clip that actually moved me to tears. It's so cute and she's so awesome and don't we all just love Veronica Mars and isn't that why we will love this lady forever? The answer is YES.

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I was out all day and it's late now and I had to pick something to watch before I went to bed. All afternoon I was thinking it was going to be Ringer. It's not amazing but it's interesting enough and it comes on after 90210 on the CW. Yes, I still watch 90210 even though I shouldn't. You can't judge me. I sat down to start it and was going through the DVR list and see that Glee came on and that it's the Michael Jackson episode and I chose that instead. I got about 5-6 minutes in and once they started doing Bad in the parking garage I had to turn it off. Glee was great and now it's okay and while I do still watch it sometimes I just don't want to. It took all of my being to sit through the entire Christmas episode. I am powerless to stop watching though because I'm invested and because I know deep down they can reverse whatever it is that's bringing the show down for me.

So after turning off Glee I see New Girl on the list. Yay! I love Schmidt. He always makes me laugh. The Thanksgiving episode where he freaks out when CeCe is helping him in the kitchen? Apparently I'm just like that. Two friends that have never met have separately told me this. Creepy. In this evenings episode he mentions "OSI." I laughed myself silly. It stands for Our Shared Interest. In his case he was speaking with Jess's friend the lesbian gynecologist. I'm pretty sure you get the whole joke now and I don't need to explain it. It's all in the delivery and if I wasn't sure the clip would be taken down at some point in the very near future I would post it. So go watch the show and laugh just like I did.

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I have to put it out there. I've never seen Downton Abbey. Haven't watched a single episode. It piqued my curiosity well before the hype train came along but I just never sat down to watch it. It's on Netflix and while I could have just gone ahead and watched it prior to the start of season 2, I just didn't. Now I read they're bringing it back for a third season and Shirley MacLaine will be joining the cast. Ouiser on I have to go back and watch.

For those of you that may be new here I tend to attach actors to their most memorable parts from my memory For Shirley MacLaine it's Ouiser from Steel Magnolias. I think I was about 8 when that came out and I thought she was such a ballsy bitch. Now my 8 year-old self wouldn't have used those words but that's exactly what was going through my head at the time. If she's going to be on I will have to go back and watch it. Something for me to do during the dull days around the end March and beginning of April. There will probably be some promising mid-season shows but the other half of my time will be spent on Downton Abbey and finally FINALLY catching up on Justified. So much TV and just one of me. I don't know how it will all get done.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

SAG Awards

I love awards shows. Something you should already know. I'm sitting here tonight watching them and it occurs to me halfway through that I don't actually know who's nominated. I know who's up for Oscars and I knew who was nominated for the Golden Globes but these specific nominees weren't on my radar. Of course there are the people who've been nominated for just about every award this season and there are a few people that came out of left field. Armie Hammer in J. Edgar? Ok, sure. Patrick J. Adams from my guilty summer series Suits on USA...really? The actors he was nominated with were Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, Kyle Chandler and Michael C. Hall. I almost choked on my milk when he was mentioned. All 4 of those men have been nominated before and they are all on serious dramas. I consider Suits more of a light dramedy and not anywhere near as nominatable (yes it's a word, I just made it up). I just believe there were other performances that should have garnered the nomination instead. Any of the cast members of Southland, Men of a Certain Age, certainly Sean Bean or Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones. I sound so mean right now.

Other than being thrown off by his nomination the rest of the show was blah for me. The high point was when three of the stars from Bridesmaids came onscreen to introduce the film for best esnemble. Creating a drinking game over the name "Scorsese"? Genius. Now when anyone comes over for anything and "Scorsese" is mentioned, we will drink. I have a chilled bottle of Patron waiting.

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Yay! I am one more step closer to blogging everyday! I bought a wireless keyboard for my ipad this afternoon. It's awesome. Much easier to use than the onscreen one. I feel invincible now.

I watched the finale of Chuck last night. As a longtime fan I have to say I wasn't thrilled with it. It was kind of anti climatic. It ended and it was over and that was that. They had time to put this together and it fell flat for me. Six Feet under ruined finales for us all. I called my father in tears after that show ended and he said, "honey what's wrong?" I replied that I had just finished the series and that it was sad and beautiful. He laughed. He would. I tried to explain the magic of it all...the music, the way they chose to off the characters and he listened like any good father would and said it was nice that TV people could move me so much. Whatever. He didn't watch the show and just didn't understand! Had I called him after Chuck I would have just been..meh. He definitely would have laughed again though.

Oh Chuck, I had a nice 5 year run with you but now you're over and I can move on. I wish all of your actors good future roles and hope that Zach Levi finds another show soon. He was cool. But what's going to happen to Jeffster? Are they going to be relegated to the quirky sidekicks in another show? Is there any hope for them returning to the small screen regularly in the near future? Only time will tell. In the meantime I have no other outlet to see any spy happenings. Unless you count the CIA stewardess on Pan Am. I don't because let's face it, it won't make the cut for a second season. I've already deleted an episode to make space for something else on my DVR. That just screams cancellation. It always does.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Prime Suspect

Hey folks, I'm back again. 2nd day in a row. Woohoo.

Here are my quibbles about this soon to be cancelled, already halted in production show. There's really only one. I hate shows/movies whatever that are supposed to be set in NYC but are clearly not shot there. This is so obviously shot in LA that it makes me cringe every time I see them on the street. LA and NYC are two completely different places. The location shots between scenes are NYC. This irks me.

Just yesterday in NYC Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference with the cast of Gossip Girl to celebrate their 100th episode. They shoot in the city and the Mayor was recognizing them for it. In fact this current 2011-2012 television season, 23 shows are filmed in the city. The most ever. To roll out a show like Prime Suspect with such a pedigree and give it such a marketing push (everyone knows and dislikes that hat) and miss this ridiculous opportunity to shoot here...they shouldn't have even bothered.

As for the actual show? I could take it or leave it. You know I love a good procedural but it wasn't real enough for me. They should have just set it in LA. They couldn't though because NBC already had a magnificent cop show set in LA and they cancelled it. It's called Southland and it's currently in it's fourth season and it's airing over on TNT. I suggest you head on over there Tuesday nights at 10pm and watch it. It's incredible.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I miss this. I actually miss writing my blog. The lack of a laptop has kept me from expounding on my television pursuits and that's tragic. I love TV. I don't know what I'd do without it. What would have kept me entertained during hurricane Irene? A book? Hardly. Don't get me wrong I love to read. On the subway. I can't seem to read at home. There's always another show that needs to be watched. Always.

Take for example Justified. I NEED to watch it. Problem is I haven't gotten past episode 6 of the first season. Life got in the way and I missed the second half of the season. I never managed to catch the reruns and I refuse to pay for it on iTunes. I taped (ha, I dvr'd) the entire second season last year. It's still on the DVR and so are the first two episodes of the third season. If you've been paying attention, I love Timothy Olyphant. I have for years. The man has his own tv show and I am not caught up with it. This distresses me greatly. So does child labor and the environment but this isn't the space to be chatting about those things. TV, that's what I do.

My best friend came to visit me recently and she looked at my 95% full DVR and remarked, "how can you watch this much TV?" I have no idea. I swear I'm not a shut in. It just happens.

All this to say...I've missed blogging and I think I'm back for good. Only time will tell really but I might actually be around for the return of So You Think You Can Dance this summer. All 1 episode a week of it. They are depriving me of quality Cat Deeley time by cutting back to just one show a week but I get it. So, I'll watch some TV this week and get back to you. Ciao!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Covert Affairs

In advance of tonight's second season premiere of Covert Affairs I would just like to say one thing. I really hope they have changed the title sequence. The show is okay, I did watch the entire first season (yes I know that really doesn't mean anything since I watch everything). But every time the credits rolled at the beginning I kept thinking, "this could be so much better." It's awful really. It looks cheap and corny and just completely like a first or second draft of something that wasn't quite finished but they put it on the air anyway. I am convinced that someone else at USA thought the exact same thing and that they have scrapped the original and will come back tonight with something fresh and new. A girl can dream.

But seriously. Hello. Here I am. Back after almost a year and a half. It's been WAY too long. A lot of TV has happened since January 26, 2010 and while I will probably not get into what has happened I would like to continue on in the same mode I was before I so naughtily disappeared. I am still watching just as much TV as I was at the beginning of all of this, I think life just got in the way of me sharing all of my super crazy awesome thoughts. I am back though. For reals.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Watch WAAAAY Too Much TV

I think I can finally declare officially that I watch too much television. While watching the season premiere of Greek tonight we learned that Fisher, Ashleigh's boyfriend cheated on her again and that she broke up with him. This means that the Greek piece will no longer be on the show. Sadness, he was cute and their chemistry seemed real. I just did a small bit of research (google..."greek fisher") and found out their dating in real life. Of course they are. Well, Fisher is gone but he appeared somewhere else. I finally got around after watching Greek to the first episode of Nip/Tuck from three weeks ago and who should appear in the first five minutes. Fisher! It's random and strange and only I would make the mistake of taking forever to watch something and find a character offed from one show only to appear in the next one I decide to watch. How many people watch Greek AND Nip/Tuck? There's got to be more people out there like me.

I love fluff and I love gore. If someone could just make something like that in one show I would be in heaven. Kind of like when my dad says if they put All My Children in space he would watch it. I am so my father's kid. Well, that's all I have to share right now. I've been in mourning for the past few weeks because of what's happened with Conan. Damn you Jay Leno and your evilness. I swear if they man had just stepped down last summer and not even bothered with the 10 pm show which he has come out saying he knew would flop this wouldn't be an issue right now. I've said it before and I will say it again. I think Jay Leno stinks. Seriously. I will not watch him on The Tonight Show and will continue to watch Letterman as I have been forever. One last note. You should all be watching Jimmy Fallon. He's got a nervous energy that for some reason really works on his show. Plus he's got The Roots and just for that it's worth watching.

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